Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hunt Hints:

I welcome suggestions for hints for those that I have no hints for!

1. Hint Giver on Site
2. "If you had the golden ticket, would you be able to find this Mad Hatter gift?"
3. If the hat fits, wear it!
4. Hint giver on the landing area.
5. I lost my hat, isn't that absurd?
6. Hint Giver on Site
7. The dapper hat rests on a diamond table.
8. All this madness is exhausting me. Perhaps I should curl up for a nap.
9. This WOOD be a hard one if i wasn't right where I belong.
10. Please don't toy with me.
11. The love just warms my brim.
12. One gives support, another gives tips. I do nothing, but hide the gifts.
13. You won't break your bank on me.
14. I've been told I'm quite a card.
15. Hat starts with 'H'
16. The cat hides all
17. "Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish!
A-fish, a-fish, a-fish, a-fishy, ooooh.
Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish!
That went wherever I did go."
18. Please touch the hint giver near the hunt sign for the current hint
19. take a seat and look up!
20. Check the in store hint giver
21. I look supurb atop a lovely brunette.
22. I'm the central issue.
24. The skulls around this fire know where the smoke goes.
25. Oh, Silvia, you are my little butterfly!
26. Hint giver at store
27. Follow the tracks if you seek the hat. If you don't want to be late, keep going straight.
28. Twins?
29. Hint giver at landing point.
30. No hint needed
31. No hint needed
32. No hint needed
33. No hint needed
34. Touch the big hat to follow the in store hints.
35. Check in store hint giver
36.Check in store hint giver
37. I watch you from up on high, even as the breeze blows by.
38. Maybe they should use me to cover those tatas!
39. Store closed no longer in hunt
40. Check in store hint giver
41. Am I supposed to hold heads or flowers?
42. Has anyone seen my sanity lately? Where did it go, it is a misteria!
43. Hats and blogs...oh my!
44. Sleep on this: it is within reach of the tiny tiny bonsai.
45. I'm a leo for sure.
46. In store hint giver
47. You can go up or go down, but be sure to look around.
48. You think it's silly to have a head with no hair? Makes perfect sense when that's all that is there.
49. I was abandoned so I think I'll rest here.
50. Don't forget to drop some coins in when they pass the hat for charity.
51. Look to the mirror and you will see reflections of insanity.
52. Up in the corner snug and tight, it doesn't look like anyone will wear me tonight.
54. No hint needed
55. Hint giver at store
56. I'm checking you out as you go in.
57. Hint giver at landing
58. No hint needed
59. Video games are for the insane.
60. I'm lounging around catching some rays.
61. Poe was quite mad, after all.
62. Can my madness be covered by beauty?
63. Shop closed no longer in hunt.
64. Hint giver at landing
65. Hint giver at landing
66. Check out my package!
67. Maybe some smores will end this madness
68. No hint needed
69. Hint giver at landing point
70. Shells and diamonds everywhere!
71. After you've gone up you must come down, then you might see me hanging around.
72. I can see the light!
73. with any luck you will find me rather easily. while grabbing my contents, grab a chalice full for yourself :)
74. No hint needed
75. No hint needed
76. This way goes up, that way goes down, if you look closely you'll see me around.
77. Hint Giver in store.
78. Take a rest on a pillow in the hide out, and open your eyes around.
79. You gotta be LUCKY to hunt this gift!
80. I'll see you in the morning.
81. Buy yourself something new and don't forget, enjoy the view.
82. Hint giver at landing point
83. Tucked away against the black of night, but can it protect me from Edward's bite?
84. We Have the Corner on Wedded Bliss
86. the shelf is full and need to be cleaned;)
87. "I'm sure Ches took it!"
88. "It will never replace the horse!"
89. Can you see me shining through the stained glass?
90. The wind must have blown me up here, but I'm all set now.
91. A warm welcome awaits you!
92. Make a wish and I will be near.
93. Check out the speedboats, you never know wot you might find there !
94. hint giver on site
95. You need to take a bath!!!!!!
96. So many hats to choose from!
97. Hint giver at landing point
98. Sweet Devils! I found the hat!
99. Do I look like a pillow?
100. "Ask the guy in the corner"
101. How generous of you to give me to a friend.
102. Don't make me laugh, I'm guarding the queen.
103. Lounging around
104. The perfect place for a cool drink
105. Refresh, Renew, Recycle!
106. Doesn't anyone have a proper hat rack?
109. Small shop not hard to find
110. hint giver placed at the store
111. clue giver at the store.
112. Wonder if they do custom items?
113. The truth is "Its behind the curtain !"
114. Kick back and relax
115. hint giver on site
116. Shop closed no longer in hunt.
117. The Grinch is mad as a hatter when it comes to christmas.
118. A rose adorns my brim
119. I think the cheshire cat had something smelly to eat.
120A. hint giver on site
120B.Wait! I'm afraid of heights!
121. E.T. phone home


  1. #3's hint should be "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." And the hat on #6 at Michigan's Shack & Mall is ridiculous. I've spent three hours now looking for it, to no avail, and the lag there is terrible.

  2. Michigan's Shack has a hint helper (on their info boards). When I went thru, it was "This hat has good reception" or something like that.

  3. now it says "Tut tu that hat doesnt go with that dress :/"

  4. I don't think the hint suggested for #3 makes sense. Yes the hat is on something big, but it has nothing to do with falling. I found that hint misleading.

  5. Store #15 doesn't have a hat, searched it up and down, nothing to be found.

  6. I can't get to store #33 as that is "Verification" only. I now cannot complete the hunt. Could I please get the SURL to store #34.