Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hunt Hints:

I welcome suggestions for hints for those that I have no hints for!

1. Hint Giver on Site
2. "If you had the golden ticket, would you be able to find this Mad Hatter gift?"
3. If the hat fits, wear it!
4. Hint giver on the landing area.
5. I lost my hat, isn't that absurd?
6. Hint Giver on Site
7. The dapper hat rests on a diamond table.
8. All this madness is exhausting me. Perhaps I should curl up for a nap.
9. This WOOD be a hard one if i wasn't right where I belong.
10. Please don't toy with me.
11. The love just warms my brim.
12. One gives support, another gives tips. I do nothing, but hide the gifts.
13. You won't break your bank on me.
14. I've been told I'm quite a card.
15. Hat starts with 'H'
16. The cat hides all
17. "Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish!
A-fish, a-fish, a-fish, a-fishy, ooooh.
Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish!
That went wherever I did go."
18. Please touch the hint giver near the hunt sign for the current hint
19. take a seat and look up!
20. Check the in store hint giver
21. I look supurb atop a lovely brunette.
22. I'm the central issue.
24. The skulls around this fire know where the smoke goes.
25. Oh, Silvia, you are my little butterfly!
26. Hint giver at store
27. Follow the tracks if you seek the hat. If you don't want to be late, keep going straight.
28. Twins?
29. Hint giver at landing point.
30. No hint needed
31. No hint needed
32. No hint needed
33. No hint needed
34. Touch the big hat to follow the in store hints.
35. Check in store hint giver
36.Check in store hint giver
37. I watch you from up on high, even as the breeze blows by.
38. Maybe they should use me to cover those tatas!
39. Store closed no longer in hunt
40. Check in store hint giver
41. Am I supposed to hold heads or flowers?
42. Has anyone seen my sanity lately? Where did it go, it is a misteria!
43. Hats and blogs...oh my!
44. Sleep on this: it is within reach of the tiny tiny bonsai.
45. I'm a leo for sure.
46. In store hint giver
47. You can go up or go down, but be sure to look around.
48. You think it's silly to have a head with no hair? Makes perfect sense when that's all that is there.
49. I was abandoned so I think I'll rest here.
50. Don't forget to drop some coins in when they pass the hat for charity.
51. Look to the mirror and you will see reflections of insanity.
52. Up in the corner snug and tight, it doesn't look like anyone will wear me tonight.
54. No hint needed
55. Hint giver at store
56. I'm checking you out as you go in.
57. Hint giver at landing
58. No hint needed
59. Video games are for the insane.
60. I'm lounging around catching some rays.
61. Poe was quite mad, after all.
62. Can my madness be covered by beauty?
63. Shop closed no longer in hunt.
64. Hint giver at landing
65. Hint giver at landing
66. Check out my package!
67. Maybe some smores will end this madness
68. No hint needed
69. Hint giver at landing point
70. Shells and diamonds everywhere!
71. After you've gone up you must come down, then you might see me hanging around.
72. I can see the light!
73. with any luck you will find me rather easily. while grabbing my contents, grab a chalice full for yourself :)
74. No hint needed
75. No hint needed
76. This way goes up, that way goes down, if you look closely you'll see me around.
77. Hint Giver in store.
78. Take a rest on a pillow in the hide out, and open your eyes around.
79. You gotta be LUCKY to hunt this gift!
80. I'll see you in the morning.
81. Buy yourself something new and don't forget, enjoy the view.
82. Hint giver at landing point
83. Tucked away against the black of night, but can it protect me from Edward's bite?
84. We Have the Corner on Wedded Bliss
86. the shelf is full and need to be cleaned;)
87. "I'm sure Ches took it!"
88. "It will never replace the horse!"
89. Can you see me shining through the stained glass?
90. The wind must have blown me up here, but I'm all set now.
91. A warm welcome awaits you!
92. Make a wish and I will be near.
93. Check out the speedboats, you never know wot you might find there !
94. hint giver on site
95. You need to take a bath!!!!!!
96. So many hats to choose from!
97. Hint giver at landing point
98. Sweet Devils! I found the hat!
99. Do I look like a pillow?
100. "Ask the guy in the corner"
101. How generous of you to give me to a friend.
102. Don't make me laugh, I'm guarding the queen.
103. Lounging around
104. The perfect place for a cool drink
105. Refresh, Renew, Recycle!
106. Doesn't anyone have a proper hat rack?
109. Small shop not hard to find
110. hint giver placed at the store
111. clue giver at the store.
112. Wonder if they do custom items?
113. The truth is "Its behind the curtain !"
114. Kick back and relax
115. hint giver on site
116. Shop closed no longer in hunt.
117. The Grinch is mad as a hatter when it comes to christmas.
118. A rose adorns my brim
119. I think the cheshire cat had something smelly to eat.
120A. hint giver on site
120B.Wait! I'm afraid of heights!
121. E.T. phone home

And we are off...

Hints will be up soon ... I'm working on it... if you see me and say hi please don't be offended if I don't answer I can be quite unobservant while hunting!
And hunting she goes....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update... and poster

I've finally made it through the applications that I have recieved, and my appologies for the dealy as life seemed to have decided to keep me extreemely busy the past couple of weeks.

Update on applications, the application deadline is approaching and we have exactly 12 remaining slots left in the hunt!

I am finishing up getting the welcome folders ready for everyone and they will go out today (tommorrow if I can't get them all sent tonight)!

Lastly, here is the hunt poster!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mad as a Hatter Hunt Info/Application

Silver & Gold Hunts presents:
Mad as a Hatter Hunt (A gridwide hunt celebrating all things crazy and insane!)
July 1 to July 31, 2010
Application Deadline May 31, 2010!
Hunt limit: 100 Vendors

A bit about our theme:
This hunt is to celebrate all things crazy and. The origins of this term is not fully known however there is some circumstantial evidence for it stemming from 19th century hat making, mercury used at that time in the process was toxic causing tremors and even personality changes that made them appear to have gone mad. Of course there are other nods to the phrase in the well known story of Alice in Wonderland. Thus again I am doing a hunt with a theme that allows for narrow or broad interpretation. If you feel like going with the obvious of something along the lines of Alice in Wonderland there is that option however anything crazy or insane or just plain fun would fit as well.

Hunt Guidelines and Rules:
*NOTE: I am looking for vendors who take making a commitment seriously. I completely understand that real life comes first and that sometimes things happen and I am absolutely sympathetic to that fact. However, in all things I will protect the hunt chain and the interest of the other vendors where needed. If you can not be set up on time and do not reply to the requests to correct if needed, please understand that it is not personal that I will for the interest of the rest of the hunt vendors remove those stores who don’t get set up and replace them.*

1. Only original creators no resellers (this includes authorized resellers or BIB items), clubs, rentals, or copyrighted materials (such as art taken from the web, duplication of another’s work by any means, or any such non original work) if it's not your own original work then please don't apply. Obviously use of purchased textures, scripts, templates, and sculpties is fine as those items are sold to content creators for use in their work. If you have a few authorized reseller vendors I won’t disqualify you, that is different then a shop who is selling mostly or entirely non original content.

2. One location per store and one store per person please. I will be limiting this hunt to 100 stops max please give others opportunity to join us. You may include gifts from multiple stores in one package if you wish to promote these other businesses. (If you wish to place a second location or additional shop on the reserve list for filling in any spots last minute that we might have to fill then please add that to the bottom of your application including a LM)

3. You will receive an invitation to the hunt vendors group upon acceptance of your application; you must remain in the vendor group. I understand group slots are limited but it is important to be able to communicate with the vendors effectively and this is the best option for that. All vendors must be in the hunt vendor group by no later than June 10th.

4. Gifts may be anything you wish to create, or if you prefer an item from your stock but please no freebies repackaged. This only annoys hunters to work to find the hunt item and then open it to find only stuff they could have gotten as a freebie without hunting. Also remember that if you give an item that isn’t up to the quality of what you sell or doesn’t somehow show what your items are then you hurt yourself.

5. Please try to build something that at least loosely fits the theme, the theme has a wide range of ways to build for it even loosely. I won’t force you to build for the theme, I’m not inspecting gifts. But it’s an opportunity to think outside the box if you don’t already have items along the line of the theme or expand on what you do have if you do.

6. If possible including a male and female item or unisex item is encouraged but not required.

7. Object must be no more then 30 meters from the point at which the hunters land. If your location is in a mall or location with centralized teleporting you will need to be able to put up a sign pointing them to your store. Please check with Mall/Market/Rental managers that you can do this. I won’t come around measuring these, unless I get complaints that it’s half a mile away. Please use your best judgment.

8. The hunt object may be hidden however you see fit, however, it may not be hidden so that it is enclosed fully in another object, only a tiny bit of it shows, or is otherwise nearly impossible to locate.

9. The hunt object must be set to sell contents NOT a copy (which gives the hunters a folder rather then making them have to rez a box) and will be set to L$0 and no more!

10. Your gifts must be boxed/bagged before placing them in the hunt object. The folder given to the hunter should only contain 2 items, the landmark to the next location and your gift package!

11. The Hunt Signs. Upon acceptance you will receive an application sign, once all spots are filled or we reach the application deadline a prehunt sign will be sent out, and just before the hunt a final hunt info sign will be sent out. You will need to have a sign out from the time you are accepted to the time the hunt ends. I expect within 48 hours of sending the new sign (barring rl keeping you from logging on in that time) you will have the sign replaced with the new one.

12. If your shop moves or you drop out of the hunt for any reason you must notify me so that we can keep the chain from being broken which only hurts other vendors in the hunt. If possible a day's notice would help to ensure we can replace the lm in the previous box. I do understand that sometimes even the vendor does not know in advance that the location is going to be suddenly relocated or vanish. If you move the shop on the same lot and are not using forced landing points it is also important you notify me with a corrected LM, if the hunters land 100m away and as many do have their draw distance set low to help with lag from hunting they may not even see your shop if it’s moved.

13. You must have the current sign out for the walk through. I do a walkthrough before sending out hunt objects. If you have no sign out I will have to assume that you are not planning to take part in the hunt. I will send a group notice listing any shops with no sign and allow a chance to fix this. However, if after that you have not gotten a sign out I will remove you from the hunt order.

14. You must have your hunt gift placed in the object and hidden by midnight for the hunt start. I will most likely start the hunt at my shop at midnight and work through the entire chain until it’s completed just after the start to ensure that all is working properly and to gather hints where needed. Anyone not set up I will again send a notice, and will if needed pull you from the hunt order.

15. I do not see this as 'my hunt' I am the organizer, the one who chose to organize and 'run' the hunt; however, this is every participating vendor's hunt. I will if changes are made or needed ask for input in the group but I have to make the choice that seems to be both majority opinion and best for the majority of those involved. Please treat me with respect as I will always treat you with respect.

16. I do maintain a vendor gift area. This is not required, if you don’t wish to make your gift available to other vendors without them hunting for it that is fine. However, as many are to busy to hunt I have heard from most that they appreciate this. This area is in a skybox on a parcel of land that is group restricted to the vendor group. I am aware that some vendors need to have an alt in the group (or store manager) for those vendors I will be happy to add your name to the land access list for this area. There will be a form in the welcome pack to notify me of this need.

17. Please be sure that if you need to send me a hint, change of location, or notify me of other hunt related business you do so using the supplied forms from the welcome pack. My IM’s cap daily and get lost additionally I get on average 100 or more notecards in any given 24 hour period. I took the time to set up forms for things in order to ensure that these notifications will get top priority and not be lost in the sea of incoming mail. Also I do this in order to ensure that when I log on I can take care of hunt business (followed by my school/shop business) immediately and not overlook anything.

18. The vendor group is a drama free zone. My feedback from vendors in past hunts has praised my ability to maintain this. I will not tolerate people bringing personal issues with each other into the hunt group or causing drama. This is not the place to talk trash about others or otherwise stir up trouble. If you have issues with someone else please directly address them in IM not in my group. If there is an issue that needs addressing by me bring it to my attention. I have not had issues with this however, if you are here to cause drama I will remove you from the hunt if need be as none of my vendors want to deal with drama nor do I.

19. That said the group also should not be spammed for MM boards, lucky chairs, sales, etc. This group is ONLY vendors and managers for shops that take part in my hunts. Otherwise I do not limit chat as long as it is not causing drama. If you are busy and need to exit chat feel free all important information is sent via notices and the group has been a great resources for many of our regular vendors to ask if anyone knows where to find something or share information.

Thank you for reading this, I have tried to keep the rules simple, if others are deemed necessary later on I will then add them. Please know that I greatly appreciate your work in preparing your shop location and creating a wonderful gift for our hunters and thank you for placing your trust in my ability to pull this hunt off smoothly and without drama or other issues along the way. Please know, if there is any issue or question you can IM me at any time, I will respond as soon as possible.
Thank you,
Rox Arten
Mad as a Hatter Hunt Organizer

Application Instructions:
*NOTE: Read the instructions carefully, those who do not follow them will be omitted from this hunt as it is important that the hunt vendors can read and follow instructions*

1 Create a new notecard and name it "Mad as a Hatter " (by creating your own notecard it will make it easier to pull up your profile by properties to send you the hunt object when it's time)
Example: Mad as a Hatter ~Secrets of Gaia~ Rox Arten

2 Copy the following to the notecard and fill in the information. I am asking for both landmark (to include in hunt boxes) and SLURL (just in case sl glitches and wipes the landmark).

Shop Name:
Your Name:
Alternate contact or partner (if any):
Avatar To Invite to Vendor Group:
Are you an AHVG member?
Have you read the rules and guidelines, and agree to abide by them?

3. Be sure that you included your landmark and the notecard saved and drop the completed application on the profile of Rox Arten.